The Terranaut XL 50MM explores a new and unique concept in watch design.

British design is about bringing together opposite themes.  For the XL 50MM it is the fusion of two extremes: extra-large size with a comfortable fit.

The oversized watch case is ergonomically curved to follow the shape of the wrist, distributing the weight of the watch around the wrist, rather than on top of it.  Uniquely, the strap is fitted underneath the watch, using invisible lugs that are recessed into the case.  This reduces the length of the watch, making it feel smaller to wear.

The watch strap is made in Paris, France by a renowned strap maker who creates luxurious, genuine leather straps for premium-priced watch brands.  We challenged them to make an oversized strap that is comfortable to wear.  The resulting strap is embossed with a carbon fiber design, matching the genuine carbon dial of the XL 50MM Carbon Fiber.

Each watch is a limited edition; one of only 250 pieces worldwide.  The limited edition serial number is laser-engraved into the case back, to show that your watch is as unique as you are.

The XL 50MM Carbon Fiber Professional is presented with the All Terrain Storage Case.  Built from military grade ABS, the All Terrain Storage Case is engineered to withstand extreme conditions.  As well as being virtually indestructible, the case is waterproof and features a pressure equalization valve to re-balance air pressure inside the case after changes in altitude.

The All Terrain Storage Case contains a strap-changing tool to help you customize your watch, together with an additional leather strap, Terranaut lanyard and more.  Each accessory is secured within its own laser-cut compartment in the case.

It's time to make a big impression.