Terranaut is a unique British watch brand like no other.

In the true spirit of British innovation and creativity, Terranaut has transformed the experience of wearing an XL watch by designing a collection of oversized watches that offer a more comfortable fit.

This perfect blend of form, functions and ergonomics represents an evolution in extra-large watches that has never been seen before.

In order for Terranaut to fulfil these bold intentions, quality needed to be assured and careful consideration had to be given to each and every component incorporated into the watches.

The materials used in Terranaut watches are of a very high standard, incorporating aerospace-grade 316L stainless steel, carbon fiber and premium leather.  These components are precision-engineered in specialist factories around the world, using the latest manufacturing techniques and technologies, before final assembly is completed in England.

It's time to be noticed; be bold and choose bigger.

Terranaut is bringing an oversized (50mm) watch to market, one that they feel will ‘wear’ significantly smaller. If their design choices work out, this could be an interesting one to keep an eye on.
— TechCrunch